Camp Candy Cartoon Online

Camp Candy Cartoon Online

Camp Candy - one of the best cartoon cartoons, I ever seen. The 'best' term is as you know from a relative term: You or I may not even be on the list of someone else whom we consider to be 'the best'. So the general rule is to declare the majority of nations. Like the best, though, for me, it can be considered the most beautiful cartoon ever made. The cartoon is openly dreamlike, and like most dreams it moves uncertainly down a path with many turnings. I'm big fan of cartoon cartoons. The story is really solid, the pacing is great, and all of the actors give great performances. The opening song still gives me goosebumps and increases the warmth of my body. This director is great. With Camp Candy online he seems to be setting himself some kind of a test - how far over the top can he go? I have not found Camp Candy cartoon full elsewhere so I uploaded it here, now you can see this cartoon online for free.

Episode count: 10

Actors: John Candy, Lewis Arquette, Valri Bromfield, Danny Mann

Genre: Cartoon

Country: United States

Views: 697